Shall we begin?

My name is Betty Jo. I am a 20 year old jack of trades who has mastered in none. I love reading, I love writing, and drawing, and acting, and animals and the ocean and psychology. And I have absolutely no real idea who I am. So here I am at 1:47 in the morning on Thursday July 24th, 2013 typing on my computer hoping to make a connection to myself. Here I am. I have resolved myself to discover the path that I am meant to take in this world. There are you see many I am interested in and this is simply one of them. These are the paths I am interested in;

1. Writing- preferably journalism or poetry. This will be more of the journalistic page but I will have another the is poetry.

2. Marine Biology/Aquatic Mammal training- Yes like Sea World.

3. Acting- I’m afraid it in my blood.

4. Make up- mainly special effects make up. Think Face Off.

5. Youtube/ Filming and directing- I believe this is simply an off shoot of my theatrical side.

I have no idea if I am any good at any of these, which is why I am doing this. What better way to discover what your made of than to force yourself to see yourself threw they eyes of the world. Anyways love me or hate me just please be kind. I am young and naïve and when it comes down to it I know nothing at all but at least I am willing to learn. I will write every day both here and on my poetry page. So until tomorrow,  have a whale of a day ^-^

I just really like this picture ♥ #feelinbeautiful #smile #curls #hair #commonwhitegirl #me

I just really like this picture ♥ #feelinbeautiful #smile #curls #hair #commonwhitegirl #me